has been developed to provide dog owners with value dog cages, as often when purchased from high street pet shops they can be incredibly expensive compared to regular dog beds.  That doesnt mean that our cages are poor quality far from it, most featured on this site are exactly the same as those found in pet shops only they are sourced from wholesalers or direct from the manufacturers meaning you recieve substantial savings.
To help aid your search we have created some help guides not only for choosing your dog cage but also to aid you moving forward into dog cage training.
The following guides are available:
A dog cage size guide to help you choose the correct sized cage for your pet.
Introducing your dog to his new dog cage.  As this can be an important step to ensure your dog feels at home.
Dog Cage training to guide you through how you should be using your dog cage effectively.
And Dog Cage tips, these are some dos and donts to ensure you get the most of your cage but also to ensure that you use it safely.
Featured Cheap Dog Cages:
dog crate

dog crate

Price: £20.00
Most of the dog cages we feature are made from metal and can be easily stored as they fold up and can be hidden behind sofas or in cupboards when not required.
The dog cages need no assembly or expertise to put them together.  Many feature a carry handle for easy transportation.
A feature also not to be left out is a dual door dog cage, these offer two entry points for your dog one at the front and one at the side of the dog crate.  Both are lockable but it offers you more flexibility on where you can position your dog cage.